Named after the famous cloned sheep, Dolly is a visually and sonically intriguing "Visual-kei" band.

Mitsu (Vocals)
Masa (Guitar)
Hachi (Bass)
Tsuguki (Drums)

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Formed in 2005 by Mitsu, Masa, Yuina (guitar) and Hachi, Dolly are known for their nostalgic melodies and fairy tale creativity.

They began live activities in Tokyo and almost immediately released the DVD SCREEN OF INDOORS, with former Plastic Tree drummer Takashi Oshodani as guest drummer on their debut music video for Strawberry on the Scalp.

Dolly began 2006 with a tour of eastern Japan commemorating their low-priced single Pumpkin carriage parade, and on the last date of the tour, Tsuguki was welcomed into the band. Spring saw the release of their first maxi single 2 ripped sweets as well as a free one-man show at Meguro Rock May Kan. They toured more areas in Japan in the summer to support their mini-album Cynical Closet, and they closed out the year with a 1-year anniversary show at Shibuya O-WEST and the first of their "tricolor opera"-themed singles, Ussetsu Drop.

2007 saw another one-man live at O-WEST and the second and third "tricolor opera" singles Shinshoku Rosetta and Suisai Palette. Dolly also released the maxi single Karumezon and their first full album jewel's dRIP touring extensively in support of them and performing the final show at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM.

The following January, Dolly put out a second press of their mini album and full album. Next, they fully sold out a headlining tour, releasing the single Closet Letter on the road and finishing up at O-WEST. They soon embarked on their first one-man tour and sold out the first date at Matsuyama Salon Kitty, ending the tour at Tokyo Cinema Club. Another single JULIET, and their second mini-album HeavenwOrd, were released, and Dolly celebrated their third anniversary at the end of 2008 with a one-man live at Akasaka BLITZ.

Dolly burst into 2009 with a massive 18-date one-man tour and made their major-label debut with the single Toki no Ressha and indie video collection Re Collect Picture. The tour ended with a performance at Nihon Seinenkan. Dolly then held a two-day one-man event at LIQUIDROOM to celebrate their fourth anniversary, and this marked Yuina's last performance with the band.


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