Japan Girls Nite is bringing Harajuku to LA!
Monday AUG. 17th
at The Roxy Theatre

Japan Girls Nite in LA!
with: TsuShiMaMiRe / Red Bacteria Vacuum / OMODAKA+6%DOKIDOKI Girls
opening Act: Lemon Drop Kick / Ajuku Girls

9009 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood
The Roxy Box Office (310-278-9457)

Open: 7 pm / Start 8 pm

tickets: $13 / $15 *All Ages
The Roxy Box Office (310-278-9457)
Ticket Master

Japanesque girl powerful rock, avant garde, free jazz, ska, surf and funk.
Mari : Vo, Gr.
Yayoi : Bass, Cho.
Mizue : Dr, Cho
Web Site | myspace | Photo Download

Red Bacteria Vacuum
Female loud punk band from Osaka.
Kassan : Vo. Bass
Ikumi! : Vo. Gr.
Jasmine : Vo.Dr.
Web Site | myspace | Photo Download

Omodaka A otaku wizard of electro music.
sound creator of the seamless mixture of Japanese traditional and Electronic music. His performance using the instruments of MacBook Pro, a Nintendo DS Lite, a Sony PSP, a Gameboy Color, Korg Kaossilator and the LCD monitor is amazing.
Web Site | youtube | Photo Download

6%DOKIDOKI is a kawaii store aiming for extraordinarily and shokingly cute. Itfs in Harajuku, centre of Japanese pop culture and street fashion. There are many reasons that make the store stand out from others but most impressive one would be 6% DOKI DOKI Shop Girls. They dress so unique and so Harajuku! They are the people who really enjoy fashion. The famous shop girls is coming to perform with OMODAKA.
6%DOKIDOKI shop in Harajuku | myspace | Photo Download

Lemon Drop Kick
Lemon Drop Kick is a Los Angeles-based high-energy female-fronted Japanese rock band whose hybrid-rock sound is a product of different musical influences and cultures. Featuring both Japanese and American members, elements of pop, emo, punk, metal, and J-rock are all pulled together to create an incredible new presence in the industry.
With their combination of strong female vocals, driving, heavy guitars and hard-hitting drums, Lemon Drop Kick delivers vivid, inspirational messages through infectious hooks and melodies. With the growing popularity of Japanese rock worldwide, the Japanese/ American hybrid sound of Lemon Drop Kick is winning more and more fans all across the globe.

Ajuku Girls
Meet the Ajuku Girls, five playful J-Pop princesses poised to reign as the quintessential pop group of the next generation. Intense bubblegum sappy beats, a Japanese flavor that's hotter than wasabi, and lyrics so sweet they'll give you a toothache define the AG's delish new sound. Unparalleled vocal prowess, fatabulous Harajuku fashions, and hypnotic dance routines contribute to their killer presence.

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